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  • What is the minimum order?
    The minimum order for online orders is a case of a dozen orchids, for orders along our delivery routes please call to find out minimums.
  • Can I order online?
    Yes you can order online! Please first sign up for an account and after you are setup you may place your orders online for Fedex shipping. Large orders or orders by trucking or air should contact us directly.
  • What are the delivery options?
    Jaxma can delivery to you in a multiple of ways. One is through Fedex which can be shipped out to you and arrive the next day. The other way is through our weekly delivery routes or through third party carriers. A list of third party carriers you can use include: Southwest Airlines Delta airlines Caribbean airlines Peninsula trucking C&S trucking MCT trucking Any other companies that work out of Florida are possible, please contact us to verify that we may deliver to them
  • Are walk-ins allowed?
    Walk-ins are welcome to look around our retail section in the warehouse but are not permitted to go inside the greenhouses.
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