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Phalaenopsis Orchid Care


The blooms of your orchids will stay fresh longer if you follow these simple steps: 

  • Water your plants properly. 


  • Do not let water stagnate in between their leaves or any nooks, as it promotes bacterial growth/rot that will happen very rapidly overnight killing the plant or causing severe damage.


  • Do not let plants sit in water, as bacteria will grow and cause roots to rot and the plant will die.


  • Do not water them too often. When you do, make it in the morning or during the day so water has time to dry off of leaves.

  • Watering depends on the time of year, the potting medium, and if using decorative pots. 


  • General rule of thumb is if the potting material is already damp, there is more than enough water! 


  • Allowing the media to dry out between waterings if beneficial and may only take a few days in hot summer air but may take 3-4 weeks inside during the winter!

  • Do not expose them to excess air movement. Even the slightest air movement over long periods of time will cause buds to dry out and die. The air movement around the plant if too great causes the humidity to decrease causing a desert like condition. Avoid air conditioners, heaters, radiators, fans, any appliance with a fan e.g. a fridge.

  • Do not place them next to or on top of heat sources (radiators, refrigerators,...) as these heat sources continuously dry the air around them and this will desiccate your plants.


  • Do not expose them to direct sun in the middle of the day. Leaves will burn & flowers will wilt.


  • Maintain reasonable temperatures: day time temperatures from 70 F to 85 F and night time temperatures from 60 F to 65 F will keep your blooms fresh for the longest time.

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